Iranian F-14 Tomcat Units in Combat (Sequel)





40 days have passed, since the liberation of the city of Khorramshahr. After Iraq's defeat in Khorramshahr, the United States provides Iraq various intelligence information. The American AWACS planes flying over Saudi Arabia can detected the take off of the Iranian aircraft and their rout only 2 minutes after they take off. The flight information of this mission is given to the Iraqi Air Force. The operation is discovered, and the Iraqi defense is prepared immediately to intercept the Iranian aircraft.

The Iraqi anti-aircraft defense fires a number of surface-to-air missiles at the flying group. The electronic jammer of the Phantom deviated the gigantic horrendous missiles.

Abolfazl Mehreganfar:

"We flew past both Old and New Tala'iyyeh and entered Iraqi soil. We were to bomb Tigers and Euphrates and Basra-Baghdad Rd. We were certainly detected by their radars and they realized they were attacked, so they targeted us."





The Iranian fighters had dominated the sky since the beginning of the war. Iraq has been seeking help form France for sometime to confront the Iranian Air Force. France has equipped its Mirage F.1 fighter aircraft with the best air-to-air missiles Matra and Magic and has delivered them to Iraq. Iraqi pilots have been trained to fly this advanced fighter plane. It is now time for Iraqi Air Force to utilize the results of their purchase.

4 Phantoms protected by 2 F-14s are flying towards Iraq at full speed.

Abolfazl Mehreganfar:

"The closest aircraft was probably their airborne one. It was approaching us on our sight form the direction of Kut Base and we could see the two aircrafts on the radar."






Six Mirage planes attacked the Phantoms.

Abolfazl Mehreganfar:

"I talked to Number 2, Mr Harandi, he too had them on his radar. We decided that I fire a missile at them, as I was on the right.

"When it was with in a range of 30 miles, I launched my Phoenix missile. Why 30 miles? Because they had Mirage planes and could launch missiles at us within a 20-mile range. So, we reacted first. I followed the trace of our missile for a reflection or explosion in the sky.

"At last, we saw the explosion."







Hasan Harandi:

"Their tactic was this: As they didn't have time to climb to the altitude of 45000ft, they lifted the plane's nose and launched any anti aircraft missile they had; radar ones and others. The missiles would come up. If they caught any target, they'd hit it. Otherwise, they'd commit suicide. That's what happened then. There were 2 Mirages and each had launched 4 missiles. There were 8 missiles there."

Abolfazl Mehreganfar:

"I was talking to my rear cockpit and told him they always came in pairs. Suppose we hit one by our missile, the others will cut us to ribbons. We must watch the other besides our flying group."